I’m about to start brewing my own beer. I decided to see what home brewing is all about, so we’ll see how it goes!

Happy Birthday ALWB!

Tomorrow (Monday, December 12th) is the second anniversary since the website came up! Looking forward to many more years to come… We possibly might have a birthday party for the website Monday night involving beer! Will post more details if it happens.

Internet Blacklist Bills – Stop Internet Censorship!

Congress is on the verge of passing a set of bills that would allow the government to blacklist virtually any website in which users can post freely (that would include us!) so please contact your senators and congressmen and tell them to vote NO for these bills! Take action here!

Halloween Light Show!

So everyone has seen those houses that have gone all out with the christmas lights, playing music and syncing the lights to it… Well here’s someone who has done quite an excellent job of it, only for halloween. Enjoy the opening scene of “The Night Before Christmas”

Long time out…

I’ve been away from this for quite a while, and I apologize for anyone who looked at it regularly. I’ve decided to expand this into more of a semi-personal blog, with beer/wine/spirits tasting and reviews on the side. Also I intend to have a bit of commentary on my favorite finds from the web and so on… Hopefully everyone enjoys the new format!


P.S. I’m shooting for about 2 posts a day, so I’ll be back by the end of the day.

Happy Holidays

Hi everyone, and sorry for the long delay in updates… I’m currently in Tempe, AZ for the Insight bowl,  but I’ll be back soon with several new beers to review. In the mean time I wish everyone the best of the holiday season. Go Cyclones!

Anchor Brewing Co. – Holiday Ale

The 2009 Anchor Winter Ale is a warm full winter ale weighing in at 5.5% ABV. This absolutely delicious concoction is filled with holiday spice. Not very hoppy, just a little sweet, and extraordinarily smooth with a deep molasses color. I would highly recommend this one, though coming all the way from San Fransisco makes it a bit expensive. $9.50 for a Six pack – Well worth the price.

A freshly poured, delicious, winter ale.

A freshly poured, delicious, winter ale.

Jennings Homewrecking

A fine t-shirt has been designed in honor of the notorious Rob Jennings, and is a tribute to homewreckers everywhere.

Never was a truer t-shirt made.

Never was a truer t-shirt made.

Shirts are available at

Turd in the Ball Pit

Every now and again we all have one of these days. At least there’s a good comic to relate it to. Thanks, Rock Paper Cynic!

Goose Island – Mild Winter

Another fantastic beer from Goose Island. This was a toffee colored, full bodied beer with a great head. Sweet and spicy and strong; A sure choice for keeping you warm on a cold winter’s night.

Unfortunately for you, I had this one at a resturaunt and have no picture of the label. And on that note, we got fantastic service at the Ames branch of Old Chicago tonight hats of to Tammy for earning a good tip tonight!